Established in 2013, J C-B Engineering Consultants is a growing Automotive Engineering consultancy and umbrella company based in the UK. We offer specialist knowledge in R&D and Product Development to clients ranging from Large OEM to motorsport to enthusiast.

Areas of speciality include:

  • Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics
  • Powertrain
  • NVH
  • Aerodynamics
  • CAD & CAE
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Project Management and Delivery

Continuing to add to this knowledge base through continued research and internal projects is a very important area of business for us and outside of our consulting work, substantial time is dedicated to this

We are striving to be at the forefront of growth and development in our specialities and are continuously looking to gain and expand our knowledge base and portfolio.

Please direct any queries to:

Jahee Campbell-Brennan MEng, AMIMechE:
Currently the sole employee and Director of J C-B Engineering Consultants Limited.

A brief statement and introduction:

“Having graduated Sussex University in July 2013 I obtained a 1st class with honours as a Master of Engineering (MEng) on an Automotive Engineering degree program.

Shortly after graduating I established my company J C-B Engineering Consultants Limited. with the aim of furthering my own passion in Automotive Engineering, whilst developing a reputation and respect for my name primarily but not exclusively in Vehicle/Aero Dynamics and Powertrain Systems; achieving excellence in high performance road and Motorsport applications - in doing so, contributing to the development of the Automotive Engineering industry to the benefit of OEM, supplier and consumer alike.

Shortly after registering the company I obtained an ongoing contract to supply Product Development expertise to Ford Motor Company where i consulted in various areas for 4+ years. During this time i also had opportunity to further my experience in race engineering in the Britcar Endurance Series.

Following a recent contract working in mechanical design on an exciting project for Dearman Engine Company i am continuing to research, expand and develop in different disciplines to improve my companies depth of knowledge, whilst pushing various product concepts through into production.

Remaining true to my passion and drive. I am very much looking forward to the journey ahead of me.”

We possess specialist knowledge and experience in the following Automotive Engineering functionalities:

  • Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics
  • Powertrain
  • NVH
  • Aerodynamics
  • CAD & CAE
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Project Management and Delivery

Experienced in the complete lifecycle of product development from initial concept to final sign off over a range of manufacturing scales from tens of pieces to millions, we offer this knowledge and experience through consultancy services to clients ranging from OEM, Motorsport, Supplier and Enthusiast.

We also operate as an agency and umbrella company, sourcing and placing contractors within the Engineering Industry in varying capacities

Our main and driving task is to provide solutions to engineering problems presented to us in a manner to suit the client’s guidelines and brief to achieve the desired result. Development of a positive and respectful working relationship is at the forefront of our operation.

A list of our previous and current consulting contracts.

  • Gosling Racing & Independent Designs:
  • This project involved the creation of a complete 3D model and associated 2D drawings for a tubular ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) for MSA certification/homologation in the 116 Trophy Racing Series.

  • AP Motorsport:
  • A UK based motorsport and parts distribution company.

    Aerodynamics, Chassis Dynamics and Build Consultation

    Further to the general build of the car to it’s current state resembling a Megane Cup Racer, J C-B Engineering Consultants was working with APM in the capacity of ongoing aerodynamics and vehicle/chassis dynamics consultancy. This also included a test and verification sessions at the Nurburgring Nordschleife and various UK circuits.

    This project is highlighted in a write-up that is published on our website under the “Articles” section.

  • Dearman Engine Company:
  • A small yet growing company with an innovative new technology in using the expansion of Liquid Nitrogen to generate power in a tradition IC Engine architecture.

    Mechanical Design

    This project involved the creation of a complete 3D model and associated 2D drawings for a tubular ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) for MSA certification/homologation in the 116 Trophy Racing Series.

    Primarily working to digitise design concepts for application of the “Dearman Engine” for refrigerated transport application: Designing Liquid Nitrogen (LiN) distribution systems within articulated trailer bodies from LiN storage tank up to intake system of the Dearman Engine.

    This involves realisation, packaging and routing of pipework and thermal management systems, including the creation and release of 3D assemblies and 2D drawings.

    Using SolidWorks CAD suite, this has been a great opportunity to further skills, exercise some creative thinking within an unusual application and has been a valued experience thus far.

  • Britcar Endurance Series:
  • An endurance motor racing championship in the UK featuring sports and touring cars.

    Race Engineer; 2016 Season

    Assisting the chief race engineer at Hofmann's Motorsport with on-track duties such as data logging, analysis of ECU monitored parameters, car setup and general issue diagnosis and solution on their Lotus Europa. Racing at various circuits around the UK this was a great opportunity to revisit to the world of motorsport and a valuable learning experience at a highly professional team.

  • Ford Motor Company:
  • The first contract obtained by J C-B Engineering Consultants was with Ford Motor Company. A second contract was immediately awarded and sustained a positive and productive relationship until its end.

    Powertrain Design & Release

    Responsible for design and release of Engine Lubrication System components such as oil control solenoids, oil sump baffles, aeration covers and oil pump inlet tubes for application in Ford engines worldwide.

    Utilising the Ford GPDS structure, this involves working directly with several international Tier 1 suppliers with emphasis in this role to deliver components meeting cost, quality, weight and timing targets set by Program Office. A broad understanding of materials and manufacturing processes is required considering the wide variety and function of components we are delivering.

    The D&R process necessitates a proactive approach and requires efficient management of multiple work streams with conflicting priorities and requests. Tools and software packages such as MS Project, WERS, AVBOM, Teamcenter, CATIA and quality tools such as FMEA, eFeas aid in achieving these goals.

    A strong and communicative relationship is maintained with Tier 1 suppliers via regular face to face meetings at supplier sites. Alignment with interfacing PD teams is essential to maintain, as is working with cross functional departments i.e. Finance, Cost Estimating, Manufacturing Engineering, Vehicle Integration (Package) and so on to ensure an efficient and robust component release.

    Vehicle Design Verification

    This contract was to supply project management expertise to support robust vehicle sign-off according to the Ford utilised GPDS structure. Working with all functional engineering teams (Powertrain, Chassis etc) to drive and facilitate the efficient sign-off of GPDS gateways from UNVx & UPVx through FDJ to PEC & FEC; Supporting the development and maintenance of both analytical and physical design verification plans tracked in eFDVS, overseeing progress in engineering and testing vs GPDS deliverables and preparing engineering gateway sign-off papers and status reports to support reviews by engineering functional managers and chiefs.

    This required co-operation cross functionally with both Product Development and Program Management disciplines to verify that Models, Prototypes and Facilities are able to support the DV plans of functional teams, analysing sign-off data through metrics from DPA, eFDVS, Integrator and attribute status reports.

    Also required supporting of D&R and Verification Engineering teams with issue management and process leadership.

    We are currently working on various product concepts including:

  • Novel Suspension Components:
  • A series of front and rear control arms initially to be released onto the BMW M2 (F87), M3 (F80) and M4 (F82) platforms. These are marketed towards racing teams and high-end consumer offering lower weight, improved performance and custom kinematics over the OEM control arms - they will be offered in two materials; CNC milled Aluminium and an innovative new composite technology with a lower price and environmental impact than current carbon fibre technology.

    CAD shot of control arm arrangement.

    CAD shot of control arm arrangement undergoing stress simulation.

  • Aerodynamic Devices:
  • An aerodynamic front splitter for use with the RenaultSport Megane 3 platform to offer improved aerodynamic performance over the OEM package; with CFD verified design implemented to control the flow of air above and below the car body and integral brake cooling ducts to address the factory shortcomings experienced by track users. This is a project undertaken in conjunction with AP Motorsport.

    CFD shot of splitter in simualation.

    CFD shot of splitter in simualation.

    We aim to grow and develop into a prominent figure in the Automotive Engineering Industry both in the UK and Worldwide, with our name and reputation known and identified synonymously with efficiency, integrity and as a leading figure in specialist Automotive Engineering knowledge and ability.

    Our wish is to create a dominant role for ourselves in Motorsport at all levels from Sports Car to Prototype and Open Wheel Formula cars, using this platform as a tool to practice our passion and drive innovation and creativity while also using this experience to “trickle down” and aid in Product Development and R&D for our future clients.

    We carry great enthusiasm in becoming leaders in implementation of knowledge and innovation in technological advancements and developments in the industry as time moves forward and look forward to providing outstanding solutions to problems we are presented with.