Brighton & Hove Motorshow (June 2017):

J C-B Engineering Consultants kicked off a community outreach program with an exhibition at Brighton & Hove’s first annual Motor Show in June 2017.

3 educational games were developed in-house in order to teach young children some basic engineering fundamentals. The principles covered were:

    1. Newtons 3rd Law of Motion, aerodynamics and gravity:
  • Demonstrated using air powered rockets.
  • 2. Kinetic Energy, Renewable sources of energy (wind power), aerodynamics:
  • Demonstrated using miniature wind powered cars.
  • 3. Structural Mechanics:
  • Demonstrated using a selection of load bearing shapes.

Children were invited to participate in the games and certificates of participation were handed out as a form of recognition and encouragement.
The event was very well received and much positive feedback was given to the organisers. We are invited back in 2018.

Below: Jahee Campbell-Brennan giving a demonsration to visitors at Brighton & Hove Motor Show: Exhibtion Picture