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As a guest writer, a number of technical articles written by our director Jahee have been featured in Racecar Engineering magazine.

  • Formula Student UK; Volume 29 Issue 10 - October 2019
    A technical review of the competition winning car from MoRe Racing, including interviews with Team Manager.
  • Technology in Formula Student; Volume 29 Issue 10 - October 2019
    An in depth technical review of the innovate technology bought to the 2019 FSUK competition - suspension flexures, a ground effect front wing, rear wheel steering system, electrical powertrain solutions, mode decoupled suspension system among others.
  • Technology - Suspension: 'The Suspension Bridge'; Volume 30 Issue 2 - February 2020
    An in depth exploration of modern motorsport suspension technologies. Taking the reader on the journey of forces from the tyre contact patch, through wheels to structural components, touching on control arm configurations, kinematics and compliance before continuing on to springs-damper units and the objectives and considersations thereof. Further on, modern mode decopling systems such as FRIC are explained and finally, lesser known technology such as inerters.
  • Electronics - Sensors: Anatomy of a Racecar; Issue 1 - January 2020
    A technical piece on the evolution of sensor technology and its utilisation in modern, high-level motorsport. Covering technology used to monitor and control the main vehicle sub-systems of powertrain, chassis and aerodynamics.
  • Technology - Suspension: Shake Down; Volume 30 Issue 3 - March 2020
    A technical insight into 7-Post chassis 'shaker' rigs and K&C (Kinematics & Compliance) rigs as instrumental tools in the development of modern race cars - how and why they are used and how the data they measured is fed back into the design process. Communicating their growing use in the era of data driven engineering.

Web Based Articles

As well as printed content, Jahee has written technical content for the Racecar Engineering website.

  • Race Car Vehicle Dynamics Explained:
  • A series of articles exploring race car vehicle dynamics in depth, covering the following topics:

    • Tyre Dynamics
    • Wheels and Suspension
    • Kinematics & Compliance
    • Springs & Dampers
    • Chassis
    • Data Aquisition
    • Practical Application
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